Supporting Lamar

On November 26, parents at Bayview Community School in Mahone Bay, N.S. were shocked to learn that their beloved principal, Lamar Eason, had been suspended by Scott Milner, Regional Executive Director of the South Shore Regional Centre for Education. You read that right: a principal was suspended by a district administrator.

Strange, but that’s only the beginning. It turned out that the suspension had happened on November 9, nearly three weeks prior.

The suspension itself was an unprecedented move, but it was made all the more shocking because not a word was said to any of the parents about it by the administration of the district. Students were told nothing either, except that Mr. Eason had gone on “holiday”. Meanwhile, teachers and administrators of the school were reportedly being threatened with retaliation if they said anything about it to anyone.

The reason for the suspension is unknown, because of the total lack of transparency by Scott Milner, who reportedly seeks to control the flow of information about it. Only after public shaming did Mr Milner even admit to the parents that Mr Eason had been suspended. This was in an email dated Tuesday, November 27, in which Mr Milner said yes, not communicating with the parents had been the wrong move.

Ya think?

Believe it or not, it gets even worse. The suspension is allegedly due to a complaint that was filed against Mr Eason by a “colleague”. The complaint is due to an incident that allegedly took place in May of 2018, months before the suspension. No one knows exactly what the complaint is, because Mr Milner, once again seeking to control the flow of information, has forced a gag order on Mr Eason.

The problem is, since there is no concrete information out there, people are forced to speculate. One thing is certain, however: Lamar Eason’s reputation and integrity are intact. Nothing about this situation should be taken to mean that he is in any way unfit to be around children or professional colleagues.

Got that? NOTHING. We’re making a point of saying this, because Scott Milner is making a point of not saying it. It seems to us that he wants people to speculate, and perhaps even to assume the worst about Lamar. We’re not falling for it, Scott.

An email from a Bayview administrator, who was brave enough to flout the Milner ban on communication, assured parents:

“A complaint by a colleague from last year when Lamar was Coordinator of Race Relations, Cross-Cultural Understanding and Human Rights (RCH) was filed in the fall and Lamar was placed on administrative leave pending investigation. It is important for Bayview parents to note that this complaint has nothing to do with a student, our school or Lamar’s ability as our Principal.”

If the incident occurred before Lamar’s tenure as principal, then… why should it affect his employment as principal? If it doesn’t affect his ability to do his job, then… why remove him from the job?

It looks an awful lot to us like Scott Milner is out to ruin Lamar Eason’s career.

From this point forward, all is conjecture and hearsay. Nothing is known for sure, again because Mr Milner’s efforts to control the flow of information have so far been successful.

However, they won’t be successful much longer. The truth is coming out little by little, and when it’s all out there, it’s going to cause a tsunami that will, we hope, wash away the secrecy and corruption and leave our school, and our district, with the chance to start over.

There is one other very important fact that bears mentioning: Lamar Eason is the first gentleman of colour to hold the post of Principal at Bayview. This gives rise to a host of other questions, such as: would this be happening to a white principal? It must be asked. And since it has been asked, it must be answered.

We are the parents of Bayview Community School. We are not going to stand by while our principal, whom many of us had already come to like very much despite the fact that he was in his first year at Bayview, is treated this way. This website is to share information with the public. Some of it will be reposts of what already appears on our Facebook page, a closed group that is meant to allow a space for safe dialogue.

In the very near future, we plan to take strong action to show Scott Milner who actually runs Bayview School: the parents, the students, and the faculty and staff. We are vigorously pursuing information from all possible avenues, and we will share it as it comes in. We will be sharing our action plan very shortly with all those who are affected by these events, and we will be asking for your support.

So, buckle up! This ride is going to get bumpy. At the end of it, however, we see one clear outcome: Lamar Eason will be returned to his position as principal of Bayview Community School.